CT scan and MIBG injection

Today 5/16 we were back at LPCH after a wonderful 12 week break.

We started premedication at 2 am and again at 8 and 2pm to try to prevent a reaction to the MIBG injection.

The drugs made Reba feel yucky. But all that is behind us- she did great today. No reaction thank God. I was going to take pics of the MiBG injection but was so nervous I literally couldn’t move.

Today was also a CT scan and Reba did it without anesthesia- this is a first! She did fantastic. Nik was able to lay on the table with her and hold her hands (I can’t because I’m pregnant). Reba doesn’t usually get chest CT scans but they saw something (hopefully nothing!) on the last MRI they wanted to take a closer look.

Tomorrow will be bone marrow aspirates, MRI and MIBG scans all under anesthesia. It will be a long day. Then back next Monday for the results! Reba hasn’t had the bone marrow aspirates for a year so we are praying it isn’t too painful when she wakes up.

Zoe came with us today. She was going to stay home but Reba asked her to come and Zoe said “of course.” They are the best of friends.

One thought on “CT scan and MIBG injection

  1. KATHLEEN TUCKER May 16, 2018 / 8:23 pm

    Praying for good news. Congratulations on the new little miracle in your life. Reba is so amazingly strong. Her courage goes above and beyond the imagination. xoxoxo


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