Results and new Doc 5/14

Today (5/14/19) we were back for the results from all the scans done last week. The mass has grown slightly but not enough to worry our doctor or do anything right now.

Our new oncologist Dr. Majzner is fantastic- we are excited about beginning this new chapter with him! He thinks we can just do an MRI in 6 months, and push back another MIBG for 12 months. This is such a relief because the MIBG injection is high stress with her previous reactions and also a lot of radiation with the injection and the scan itself.

So in 3 three months we will be back to Stanford for labs, blood/urine and also her audiology (hearing) appointment and heart ultrasound and EKG.

The bigger issue and question in the long run is will it continue to grow? Currently the mass is measuring 5.7 cm x 7.7 cm x 9 cm. In November of 2015 the tumor measured 2.8 cm x 4.1 cm x 2.9 cm. So over time this is a significant growth. Every scan has shown just a little growth but comparing the 2015 size with the size it is today, it is worrisome with the amount it has grown.

Our new oncologist Dr. Majzner is very knowledgeable with Neuroblastoma and he thinks we shouldn’t do anything until a problem presents. Reba is doing great, feels great. He feels there is no reason to suggest any surgery or chemotherapy at this time. Which is a relief, but also worrisome when we know there has been significant growth over time.

New Snuggly Bear that Yaya bought Reba❤️
Playing after the appointment
Lil bro came while big sis was at school

3 thoughts on “Results and new Doc 5/14

  1. Mimi May 14, 2019 / 5:44 pm

    Slug riding!? I love how brave you are Rebalicious! I love you, Mimi

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  2. Patti May 14, 2019 / 8:31 pm

    Reba is such a amazing girl!💐

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