Yesterday (6/27) Reba had her MRI. It was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but they called over the weekend and changed it to Monday. Her appointment was for 10, but they were running behind so her scan didn’t begin till after 1. Somehow we got through it (even though she was starving), and everything went well. She handled the anesthesia well and loved her Popsicle when she woke up.

We are back Thursday for the results of the two scans and new plan… Please pray for Reba.


MIBG scan and PICC fix

Today was a long day!

Reba is a super trooper, that’s for sure. They were running late, so Reba’s scan was delayed about an hour and a half. (Pretty tough after starving all day.) The scan went well and they got the images they need so Reba doesn’t need a rescan tomorrow (thank God).

During the dressing change, the stitch broke on Reba’s PICC line and so when she woke up from anesthesia they had to put a new stitch in. This was not very fun, especially after just waking up from anesthesia.

But we are done for today!

Back on Tuesday for her MRI and then results and plan next Thursday.


Nana’s noo-noos are the best after 22 hours of no food!!

MIBG Injection

Today (6/22/16) we were back at LPCH for the radioactive isotope injection in preparation for Reba’s MIBG scan tomorrow.

We premedicated with Benadryl and Prednisone and thankfully Reba did not have a reaction to the injection like last time!! So that’s good. 

Tomorrow her scan is at 3, so she will be a hungry baby! She probably will not be able to eat until after 5.

Her MRI is next Tuesday, and next Thursday we will meet with her Doctors to discuss the results and new plan.


Chemo 6, day 2/3

Yesterday and today went smoothly. We feel lucky to be surrounded by great family and friends who support this process. Reba’s appetite has been great and the nausea is under control. Back at it again tomorrow. Really looking forward to the weekend.


sweet lil monkey
at least we’re all together

Chemo 6, day 1

Today 6/6/16 we were back at it for cycle 6 of this chemotherapy recipe- Cyclophosphimide and Topotecan.

Day 1- 10 hours (with driving/traffic.) Lord, help us get through this week, one day at a time!

After this cycle Reba will have another MRI and MIBG to see what the tumor is doing. At that point they will schedule another surgery as well.

Based on what the pathology of the tumor is from the surgery, our oncology team will be able to construct the next best plan of action.


Silly Goose
Lil Angel

Blood Transfusion

Today (5/26/16) we were back at LPCH for a blood transfusion. Reba’s hemoglobin dropped down to 7.1, so they decided to transfuse so we would be set for the long weekend. Transfusions typically take us 5-6 hours plus about 4 hours of total driving time, so another long day for us. Reba really perked up after getting her blood, and has a lot more color now too.

YaYa and Zoe came too which made for an extra fun day.