5/14/2015 – Weekly checkup

It has been a pretty quiet week. Lauren, the home nurse, came on Monday (5/11) to draw blood. All the results came back good.

Today we were back at LPCH for our weekly clinic with Dr. Mavers. Reba’s blood revealed that she is neutropenic – she has zero white blood cells at the moment. It is so scary how chemo is helping and hurting so much at the same time. Her albumin level was at the threshold for an infusion, but since she is not symptomatic, the team decided against it.

We are looking forward to next Friday the 22nd, her next MRI. We want to see that tumor shrinking!

Much love and appreciation to all family and friends for holding Reba in your hearts.

Fancy new headband from “Headbands of Hope”


Childhood cancer

Our children are our angels,

A true gift from up above.

From the moment that we see them,

Our world is flooded by love.


In life now all that matters,

Is their safety and their health.

Not everything that came before,

Like sleep, nights out or wealth.


Then suddenly from out the blue,

A bolt falls from the sky.

Your family life just falls apart,

And you can’t help wonder why?


An existence you knew nothing of,

Suddenly , becomes the norm.

You forget what life was like before,

You walked into this terrifying storm.

You sit beside your baby,

Feeling helpless as can be.

As nurses fight to help them,

And you pray a silent plea…


Why is this happening?

What can I do?

How do I take this pain

and suffering from You?


The truth is there’s nothing,

We as parents can do.

But support and gain strength,

From the childhood cancer crew.


For many their battles,

are far too relentless and long,

As they pray that they will one day,

Be free from cancer’s evil throng.


We are thankful for survivors,

Those children who’ve won the war.

But we remember those who fly high above,

through the skies they soar.


There’s many that still believe,

that “this won’t happen to me!”

But the day before my child was ill

I too had failed to see…

That childhood cancer happens.

It doesn’t care, who it strikes next.

But please be aware of its poison,

And it’s poisonous effects!


These children and their families,

Fight their battles hand in hand.

We will one day discover a cure,

And united we will stand!

By Katie

(Henry’s mom, brain tumor fighter)

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