5/19/2015 Come on WBCs!

No great news yet.

Reba’s ANC has dropped again so we have to stay here until they make a rising trend. This will be our 6th night here at LPCH.
Nik is super sick at home with either the flu or food poisening. It’s exactly what Kathy and I had a few weeks ago. Praying Reba is not exposed.

Reba got another magnesium infusion last night and got an albumin infusion this morning. She will get an IVIG infusion next.

Thank you for continued prayers.

Trying to eat an apple with no teeth


2 thoughts on “5/19/2015 Come on WBCs!

  1. Linda May 19, 2015 / 8:40 pm

    Happy Birthday Leah Glad you were able to have family there to help celebrate your special day. May 17th is Norwegian Independence Day Reba has some Norwegian and they are tough as we have experienced with our family. Reba’s great grandma Lois for one. Reba looks pretty well for all that she has been through so far. Children are pretty resilient. She is such a doll as is her sister. Our prayers and thoughts are with you

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  2. Nancy Murnane May 20, 2015 / 8:04 am

    thank you for sharing,this journey it is so challenging, and I hope this record of your life today helps you as well as your family. sweet girls,loving caring family all important. our hearts go out to you . Keep the faith.

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