Chemo Round 3 and MRI Results

It has been a wonderful, quiet week at home, but now we are back at Stanford for Reba’s third round of chemo. Today she is receiving Cyclophosphamide and Etoposide. Tomorrow and Saturday she will get Etoposide. Then we’ll be back Monday for the Neulasta injection (white blood cell growth promoter).

Today we also got the results from her MRI. We are so thrilled to share with you all that her tumor is shrinking! The tumor went from 8.1 x 6.7 x 8.3 cm to 7.7 x 6.8 x 7.4 cm. Although the decrease may not seem drastic, it is possible that some of the cells have matured or become inactive. The lymph nodes have also decreased in size, also great news. The Doctors are encouraged by these results and they will do another MRI after the 4th chemo cycle to compare.

Also her albumin was 2.6 today which is the highest it has ever measured! This is most likely attributed to the tumor shrinking, allowing her body to process the proteins properly.

Playing before the ride to Stanford.

Almost able to crawl.

Reba’s new binky trick. Her bottom teeth just poked through this past week and she likes to bite the hard plastic.

Checking vitals during chemo infusion.

6 thoughts on “Chemo Round 3 and MRI Results

  1. Kathleen Kasdorf May 29, 2015 / 8:16 am

    This is such great news!! I’m hoping it means she is on the road to complete recovery:-) Love to you all.


  2. Valery Hurdle May 29, 2015 / 1:56 pm

    Hi Leah. I was wondering if you would mind if I posted a prayer request for Reba on my Facebook timeline? A lot of my friends are prayer warriors, and would love to pray for her, I know. In the meantime, I’ve been praying fervently for baby Reba. I was so happy to hear of this latest good news!
    Valery Hurdle,
    LCGS Worship Band

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    • Nik & Leah May 30, 2015 / 9:59 am

      Yes thank you Valerie. We appreciate all the prayers!


  3. Ashley May 31, 2015 / 4:59 am

    Love you guys! She’s looking like her big sister more in these pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jacque Parker May 31, 2015 / 7:09 am

    Wonderful news! We are praying in Florida!


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