Results are good from today (2/19/18), Stable! It’s the same as it’s been, which is good. It’s no bigger.

The mass is measuring 6.1 cm x 4.6 cm x 8.1 cm. In 12 weeks they want to do a chest CT and bone marrow aspirates to dig deeper for a more thorough look. This will be in addition to MIBG and MRI.

All in all this is the news we were hoping for. Of course if the mass started shrinking or went away we would be thrilled, but the fact that it’s not growing is wonderful.

Off for 12 more weeks!



Today 2/15/18 Reba has her MIBG and MRI scans. It was a long day of no eating and anesthesia.

Everything went well and big sis came too. That made things more fun.

The new hospital at LPCH is beautiful- there are so many animals everywhere. It’s amazing and very kid-friendly.

We will be back Monday for results! Keep prayers for positive news!

MIBG injection

Today 2/15/18 we were back at LPCH for Reba’s MIBG injection. It went really well. In the past Reba has had a reaction to this injection so we always get nervous. This time we premeditated with steroids and Benadryl and it went fine.

Tomorrow we will be back for MIBG and MRI scans, under anesthesia.

Next Monday we go back for results! Keep Reba in your prayers! Happy Valentines Day!


Today (11/22) we were back at LPCH for Reba’s MRI. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are a few things we are thankful for:

*a much easier IV start today at the Bass center.

*although the scan was over two hours delayed, Reba fell asleep in my arms before receiving the anesthesia, and therefore drifted off very peacefully.

*immensely grateful for compassionate, competent nurses.

*so grateful for family. My Dad (PopPop) came with us today and Zoe was in her Nana and Mimi’s care, before her Dad got home from work.

*it has been a year since Reba has been in chemotherapy treatment. As I type that, my heart skips a beat. My whole life wish is for this to continue in a positive direction.

*grateful for every moment with her.

the nurses said she should be a model

we made Christmas trees out of the pieces

food again yay

We will come back next Tuesday 11/28 for the results of the MIBG, PET and MRI scans.

PET Scan

Today 11/14/17 we were back at LPCH for Reba’s PET Scan.

Reba was excited to start the anesthesia today with an IV instead of the gas mask. For some reason though it took three attempts, three spots and lots of digging around to find her vein. Usually she is a pretty easy stick. So that was rough. Our plan for next Wednesday is to get the IV placed at the Bass Center (who we are very familiar/successful at starting IVs) then head down to the Scan.

Today’s scan went fine and we are glad to have two out of three done. Poppa came with us for moral support.

Next Wednesday Reba will have an MRI then we will meet with her oncologist to discuss the future.

happy to have food after waking up from anesthesia


Today Reba had her MIBG scan. Nik was super Dad and took Reba by himself today. I have never missed a scan, or any appointment for that matter. It was important for me to play for choir today because today was solo auditions and I won’t be back for a few weeks. Anyway, they had a Dad-daughter date and did great. I missed her beyond any describable terms but knew she was in her Dad’s hands. He is the best Dad. I don’t know any man who so lovingly and capable can handle anesthesia, chemo, cancer, with his baby. He is the best partner I could of ever asked for.

feeling sassy after anesthesia